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Below are PDF links for Senepol World and other publications.

2018 Senepol World

Senepol World 2018 Convention

2017 Sire Summary

2017-03 Senepol World: Technical Edition
Articles: Senepol 77k, BLUP Values (South Africa), Keys to Maximizing Reproductive Efficiency in a Beef Herd, SCBA Repatriation Program, Consumer Prejudices Affect Willingness to Pay for Beef, DNA testing for parentage verification.

2016-12 SW Sire Summary with Diego Penedo Profile

2016-06 Senepol World: Spring Edition: Reproduction
Inside: 2016 Convention Preview
Hans Lawaetz: History of the Senepol Breed
SCBA Team Welcomes a New Member
New Approaches in Production and Reproduction of Cattle

2016-09 Senepol World: Member Directory
2016 Member Directory and Convention Recap!

2016-03 Senepool World: Spring Editition: Crossbreeding

2015-12 Sire Summary

2015-09 Senepol World: Member Directory with Exporters Information

2015-06 Senepol World 38th Annual Convention Edition

2014-12 Sire Summary

2013-12 Sire Summary

2012-11 Sire Summary

2012-06 Senepol World Membership Directory

2011-11 Sire Summary

2010-09 Sire Summary

2009-10 Sire Summary

2008-10 Sire Summary

2007-12 Sire Summary

2006-12 Sire Summary

1998-06 Summer Issue

1998-04 Spring Issue

1997-1998 Membership Directory

1997-09 Fall Issue

1996-12 Herd Sire Issue



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